Stained Glass Plaques - X60

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These beautiful Stained Glass Plaques are captivating embodiments of faith and spirituality. These exquisite piece features a choice of 4 iconic motifs including St. Francis, Footprints, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Guardian Angel, each meticulously handcrafted to perfection. The vibrant stained glass panels radiate with a divine glow, illuminating any space with warmth and reverence.

Symbolizing compassion and harmony with nature, St. Francis stands as a beacon of hope. The Footprints remind us of the enduring presence of a higher power, guiding us through life's journey. Meanwhile, the Sacred Heart of Jesus embodies divine love and compassion, offering solace and salvation. With outstretched wings, the Guardian Angel watches over us with unwavering devotion, serving as a constant source of protection and guidance.

Whether adorning a home, church, or sacred space, our Religious Stained Glass Plaque Frame serves as a profound reminder of faith and divine presence. Its timeless beauty and spiritual significance make it a cherished treasure for generations, inviting contemplation and reflection upon the depths of our beliefs and the enduring grace of the divine.

Measures: 10.25" width  x 7" height