Porcelain Dolls - 1239

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Our exquisitely crafted Porcelain 12" Communion Dolls, each meticulously hand-painted to capture the essence of this sacred occasion. These dolls are more than mere figurines; they are a celebration of spiritual milestones and cherished memories.

Standing at a graceful 12 inches, these porcelain dolls exude elegance and charm. The intricate hand-painting process ensures that each doll is a unique work of art, reflecting the utmost care and attention to detail. The delicate features, from the serene expressions to the meticulously painted communion attire, make these dolls a meaningful and timeless keepsake.

These dolls make a thoughtful and cherished gift for commemorating a First Communion or other religious milestones. Displayed on a stand in their pristine white communion dresses in gift box, each doll is a symbol of purity and grace.