Mom/Faith/Love Pink Bracelet - F225-MOM/BOX

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Pink Bead Bracelet, a radiant blend of elegance and sentimentality. Crafted with delicate rose-painted beads, this bracelet exudes charm and grace with every wear. Each bead is meticulously hand-painted to capture the essence of blooming roses, infusing the piece with a touch of timeless beauty.

Accentuating the bracelet are three shimmering silver beads, each engraved with powerful words: "Faith," "Love," and "Mom." These words serve as daily reminders of the values that enrich our lives, making this bracelet not only a stunning accessory but also a cherished token of affection and appreciation.

Whether it's a gift for a beloved mother, a cherished friend, or a treasured keepsake for yourself, this Pink Bead Bracelet is sure to evoke joy and warmth with its enchanting design and heartfelt sentiments. Adorn your wrist with love, faith, and the enduring bond of family with this exquisite piece.