Crystal Rondelle Earrings - 87240

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The Genuine Bohemian Crystal accents in each earring add a brilliant sparkle, catching the light and radiating a subtle yet enchanting glow. These crystals are known for their quality and clarity, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the earrings and making a bold statement of refined taste. The combination of French nickel silver medals and Genuine Bohemian Crystal in these earrings creates a harmonious blend of tradition, style, and sophistication.

Available in 12 colors.

87240/GN Garnet              87240/AM Amethyst
87240/AQ Aqua                 87240/CR Crystal
87240/EM Emerald          87240/LA Alexandrite
87240/RB Ruby                 87240/PD Peridot
87240/SP Sapphire           87240/RZ Rose
87240/TZ Topaz                87240/ZC Blue Zircon