Birthstone Rosary Bracelet - 08307

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Our Bohemian Crystal Rosary Bracelet, a dazzling and spiritually meaningful accessory designed to celebrate your unique journey. This exquisite bracelet features crystal beads in vibrant birthstone colors, symbolizing the essence of each month.

Crafted with Bohemian crystal, the beads not only radiate a captivating brilliance but also carry a touch of individuality with their birthstone hues. The silver-plated crucifix and Miraculous medal add an extra layer of significance, creating a perfect blend of style and spirituality.

Presented in an elegant gift box, this Bohemian Crystal Rosary Bracelet makes for a thoughtful and cherished present. Whether it's a birthday, milestone, or simply an expression of faith, this bracelet is a beautiful reminder of the connection between spirituality and personal identity.

08307/GN Garnet             08307/AM Amethyst
08307/AQ Aqua                08307/CR Crystal
08307/EM Emerald         08307/LA Alexandrite
08307/RB Ruby                08307/PD Peridot
08307/SP Sapphire          08307/RZ Rose
08307/TZ Topaz               08307/ZC Zircon