Celebrating St. Joseph’s Day

Celebrating St. Joseph’s Day

March 17, 2023

Dear Friends,


On March 19th we celebrate the life and impact of Saint Joseph – the foster father of Jesus Christ and patron saint of the Catholic Church. In honor of Saint Joseph's Day, we invite you to take time to review our beautiful inventory of Saint Joseph items– including our BRAND-NEW Saint Joseph Devotional Oil, SKU 173-24-1047 - to share with your customers.


The beloved Saint Joseph is renowned for many traits, namely his profound faith, courage in adversity, and steadfast dedication to his family. A carpenter by day and loving father by night - something that remains a priority even today - he was deemed worthy by God to be entrusted with raising Jesus into manhood. His moral commitment to serve as an example of faithfulness has been praised throughout history!


On this special day we reflect on the blessings and guidance bestowed upon us through devoted worshipers like St. Joseph. We also ask for continued protection as we seek direction from his shining example.


May we all celebrate the Feast Day of Saint Joseph in spirit through shared prayer - reflecting on the wonderful example he set for all on this blessed day!


May St. Joseph grant us his many blessings as we thank him for being such a powerful figure in our lives!

Yours in Christ,

The Lumen Mundi and Devon teams

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